A ceiling in fact represents the sky of a room. Almost never decorated nor ‘littered’ with furniture but instead often the only free surface in a room. And yet, very little attention is paid to the design of a ceiling. Lighting, aeration, music, AC, movement detectors, etc. The panoply of techniques required in today’s rooms, leads to the fact that ‘designing’ the ceiling in a uniform color is often the highest achievable goal. The architects at the Brussels’ based studio Bruno Erpicum, have been dreaming for many years about a uniform and standard object that integrates all of the abovementioned techniques and has found the perfect partner in lightning company TAL to realize this objective. The ambition was clear from the start: designing a basic object that hides all of these techniques from the eye. The Orbital was created: a minimalistic cylinder integrating a wide array of techniques in an ingenious manner. The result: a pristine ceiling whereby merely a few vacant cut-aways cluster the techniques. Ratio? There is more in less.