An architectural project is worked out while answering a multitude of constraints, it acts to create an environment favourable for human activity. We all know that we do not only live thanks to some protéïnes which enable us to function : the quality of our life, the force of our memories, the importance of our interpersonal exchanges, the reading of the environment, all these moments wake up in us emotions.

The Workshop

A creative cross-pollination in the team reflects concepts that arise from a practice of intuitive observation and generosity of approach. Our studio is dedicated to creating a dynamic workplace where several artisans are working together. Our 38 years of experience allow us to work in several fields such as residences, office and commercial buildings, as well as museums and galleries.

Experience Abroad

We have realized constructions in the following countries : Belgium, Caribbean, Germany, Greece, France, Great-Britain, Italy, Maroc, The Netherlands, Peru, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, United States.


  • Rewarded at the Architectural BIFSA Awards 1984 - RSA.
  • Rewarded at the Eric Lion Architectural Awards 1986 - England.
  • Mention in Architectural Belgian Awards 1994 – Belgium.
  • Rewarded at the Prix de l'Urbanisme 2004 - Belgium.
  • Participation CDICV – Conreso CIPAI – Valencia - Spain
  • Nominated and/or rewarded at GPAW 2010 / 2015 / 2017 / 2021 / 2023 - Belgium.
  • Rewarded at the Big Mat International Architecture Awards 2013 - Europe.
  • Rewarded at the International Space Design Awards IDEA-TOPS 2013 – Villa category - Shenzen, China.
  • Twice rewarded at the “RE-THINKING THE FUTURE SUSTAINABILITY AWARDS 2014” - “Residential Building Built” - Villa category
  • Biennale di Venizia 2016 - Mostra Internazionale di Architectura - Participating Architect, Italy
  • Architect Top 50 2017
  • Architect of the Year for Belgium 2017
  • Rewarded at the GBA Insight Awards 2018 - Best Architecture Firm
  • Rewarded at the Innovative Architecture Iconic Awards 2018 - "Best of Best" with "ORBITAL"
  • Iconic Awards 2018 – Innovative Architecture - Best of Best : Orbital by Tal
  • Rewarded at the I-Novo Awards 2018 - Opus by CEA
  • Ones to Watch for Belgium 2018
  • Global Bussiness Insight Awards 2018 - Best Architect firm
  • Best in Energy Architecture Services - Belgium – 2018
  • Rat für Formgebung - German design Concil : Innovation Award 2021 : Gold
  • Red Dot Award : Winner Product Design 2021
  • : Membre actif et fondateur du "Fond des Amis de" auprès de la Fondation Roi Baudouin
  • Belgium Prestige Awards for Contemporary Architecture Firm of the Year 2022
  • Premi d’Arquitectura d’Eivissa i Formentera XVI-XX, Intervencio en edificio existents – Spain - 2022
  • The Plan Award 2022, category "Villa / Completed", Finalist