The best possible nest for Mum" is the task set by the Genade de Lille family. Owned by the family, the land is emblematic since its history dates back to the 15th century. At the age of 86, Genade wanted to live there, in the middle of the city, surrounded by a few beautiful pieces of furniture, her books and drawings at hand. In 2016, she took possession of the premises. The volumes are articulated to consider and articulate the built environment. The service functions are organised on the ground floor, topped by the living rooms. Indeed, the living room is organised on the first floor, the beautiful light from the north enters generously through the 8-metre high bay to be reflected by the sloping ceiling which contains the high volume. Further down, the cars pass and pass again, the children play in the park. The acoustics are under control. Here, there is no hubbub from the street, no interior resonance. The frames, glazing and doors meet the most stringent criteria, and the false acoustic ceiling plays its role perfectly: calm and serenity reign supreme. Three materials are used: prefabricated concrete, large glass panels and the old brick walls of the adjoining building, which are used in the vertical circulation. The garden is offered to the public as a sign of welcome.