The geography of the site guided the establishment of the house and the composition of the plan. From the entrance, the land has a downward slope to the bottom of the property, beyond which the relief rises. As a pavilion at first reading, the house distributes the day and night functions on the ground floor level. The service rooms, garage and entrance hall, begin the composition to display a closed volume clayed with blue stones. This is where the story begins: a long inner walk distributes the bedrooms then, the living rooms. But to tell the truth, it is the light that calls. At first against the light, too much light gives way to a large window that projects us on the fields, as far as the eye can see. Closer, to the West, a large garden occupies the center of the crescent plan. It is the garden of the living room. First closed and introverted, the building opens its facades to give way to large windows that release uncompromising views. The fixed frames of the windows are made invisbles, only the frames of the sliding doors follow the vertical steel columns. Further back, the powerful trunks of the large trees also scratch vertically the horizon. The cantilevered roofs reduce the summer overheating. Accessible via an elevator, a lower level is available as a surprise to welcome the leisure and wellness rooms that open wide onto the East garden. This is also the orientation chosen for the bedrooms, the sun rises there.